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Department Superintendents & Committees 2018

Appointed by Todd Slone, President

Dept 1 Dairy Chair-Tim Trester, Carl Schoellman

Dept 2 Beef Chair-Tim Trester, Carl Schoellman, Dominick Donovan, Tisha Wolfer

Dept 3 Bakery & Pantry Chair-Carl Schoellman, Jackie Rhoades

Dept 4 Art & Needlework Chair-Todd Slone

Dept 5 Flowers Chair-Eric Nelson, Carla Nelson, Jim Crumbacher

Dept 6 Grains, Vegetables, Herbs & Seeds Chair-Eric Nelson, Carla Nelson, Ellen Grant

Dept 7 Poultry Chair: Dave Williamson, Jerry Krebs, Tisha Wolfer

Dept 8 Grange Chair-Tim Trester, Eric Wehrum

Dept 9 Rabbits Chair-Luke Cox, Jerry Krebs

Dept. 10 Amateur Winemaking Chair – Jan Schoellman, Carl Schoellman, Hugh McCabe, Kevin Jasper, Mark Birkle

Dept 11 Cornhole Tournament Chair-Bob Handra, Eric Nelson, Carla Nelson

Dept 12 Bicycle Races Chair-Eric Wehrum, Doug McPhillips, Eric Nelson, Carla Nelson

Dept 13 Senior’s Day Chair-Dan Hodges, Paul Schmid

Dept 14 Pedal Pull Chair-Bob Handra, Scott Humphrey

Dept 15 Karaoke Contest Chair-Bob Handra, Jim Crumbacher

Dept 16 Veteran’s Day Chair: Dan Hodges, Bob Proud

Dept 17 Personnel Chair-Todd Slone, Dave Williamson


Executive Chair: Todd Slone, Eric Wehrum, Tisha Wolfer, Luke Cox, Jerry Werring, Kathy Weaver, Dan Hodges

Budget & Finance Chair: Jerry Werring, Luke Cox, Kathy Weaver, Dan Hodges, Todd Slone, Eric Wehrum, Tisha Wolfer

Risk Management, Safety, Insurance Chair: Jerry Werring, Tom Ansteatt, Carl Schoellman, Paul Schmid, Wayne Schott

Building & Grounds Chair: Dan Hodges, Carl Schoellman, Eric Nelson, Luke Cox, Todd Slone, Eric Wehrum, Scott Humphrey, Jim Crumbacher, Dave Williamson, Grady Morrison, Wayne Schott, Dominick Donovan, Doug Snyder, Eric Wolfer, Jason Pfankuch, Tom Cornwell

Rides & Games Chair: Tisha Wolfer, Dominick Donovan, Jim Crumbacher

Concessions Chair: Tisha Wolfer, Luke Cox, Dan Hodges, Eric Nelson, Dave Williamson, Jim Crumbacher

Parking Chair: Tim Trester, Eric Wehrum, Eric Nelson, Dominick Donovan, Scott Humphrey

Security Chair: Dominick Donovan, Scott Humphrey, Jerry Hill

Official Premium Publication (Fair Book) Chair: Dan Hodges, Carl Schoellman, Jan Schoellman, Jon Carpenter, Tisha Wolfer

Advertising / Marketing Chair: Dan Hodges, Scott Humphrey, Jerry Werring, Jan Schoellman, Stacie Taylor, Angie Hodges

Facebook / Website Chair: Jan Schoellman, Lori Cornwell, Angie Hodges

Tractor Pull Chair: Todd Slone, Eric Wehrum, Wayne Schott, Eric Nelson, Dan Hodges, Luke Cox, Jason Grant, Lori Cornwell

Track Preparation Chair: Todd Slone, Jason Grant

Horse Show Area / Shows Chair: Doug McPhillips, Jerry Werring, Luke Cox

Junior Fair Chair: Dominick Donovan, Tisha Wolfer, Todd Slone, Pam Burns, Dave Williamson, Penny Church, Carl Schoellman, Luke Cox, Grady Morrison

Sale Committee Chair: Dominick Donovan, Tisha Wolfer, Grady Morrison

Gates & Admission Chair: Paul Schmid, Kathy Weaver, Doug McPhillips, Scott Humphrey

Rodeo Entertainment Chair: Eric Wehrum, Wayne Schott, Todd Slone

Midway Entertainment Chair: Luke Cox, Eric Wehrum, Dan Hodges, Jerry Hill

Musical Entertainment Chair: Dan Hodges, Jerry Werring, Stacie Taylor, Angie Hodges

Baby Show Chair: Bob Handra, Steve Strosnider, Mariann Strosnider

Parade Chair: Bob Handra, Eric Wehrum, Tom Ansteatt

First Aid & Fire Protection Chair: Eric Wehrum, Scott Humphrey, Wayne Schott, Jerry Hill

Cake & Pie Auction Chair: Carl Schoellman, Bob Handra

State Forms & Deadlines Chair: Kathy Weaver, Jerry Werring, Paul Schmid, Tisha Wolfer

Major Sponsorship Solicitation Chair: Jerry Werring, Dan Hodges, Paul Schmid

Front Office Chair: Todd Slone, Jan Schoellman, Dave Williamson

Barn Committee Chair: Jerry Werring, Dominick Donovan, Dan Hodges, Dave Williamson, Carl Schoellman, Doug McPhillips, Tisha Wolfer, Stacie Taylor

ODA Liaison Chair: Carl Schoellman, Dan Hodges, Dominick Donovan, Jerry Hill

Nominating/New Member Chair: Tisha Wolfer, Todd Slone, Dave Williamson, Dan Hodges

Ribbons, Trophies & Awards Chair: Jan Schoellman, Tisha Wolfer, Todd Slone, Lori Cornwell

Golf Cart Safety/Rules Chair: Carl Schoellman, Eric Wehrum, Jim Crumbacher, Jerry Werring, Luke Cox, Jerry Hill

Building Rentals Chair: Dan Hodges, Jerry Werring, Carl Schoellman, Angie Hodges, Doug Snyder

Camping Committee Chair: Eric Wehrum Dave Williamson, Luke Cox, Eric Nelson, Scott Humphrey, Grady Morrison, Wayne Schott

Boat/Camper Storage Chair: Scott Humphrey, Dan Hodges, Carl Schoellman, Luke Cox, Tisha Wolfer, Dave Williamson, Jerry Werring, Eric Wehrum, Wayne Schott

Photography Chair: Doug McPhillips, Dominick Donovan, Jim Crumbacher, Lori Cornwell

Friends of the Fair Liason Chair: Carl Schoellman, Jan Schoellman

Camp Out Committee Chair: Scott Humphrey, Eric Wehrum, Carl Schoellman, Dave Williamson, Jan Schoellman, Doug McPhillips, Tisha Wolfer, Wayne Schott, Grady Morrison

Camp Permit Committee Chair, Scott Humphrey, Eric Wehrum, Todd Slone, Tisha Wolfer

Beverage Committee Chair: Jerry Werring, Eric Wehrum, Tisha Wolfer, Paul Schmid

Barn / Veterinarian Contact Chair: Carl Schoellman, Tim Trester, Dominick Donovan

Grant Proposals / Searches Chair: Paul Schmid, Jerry Werring

Fundraising / Spring Benefit Committee Chair: Tisha Wolfer, Dan Hodges, Dominick Donovan, Angie Hodges, Jan Schoellman, Stacey Sandfoss, Anna Pfankuch

Updated on 7/12/18