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The Clermont Agricultural Society will make the following offer to the Patrons of Husbandry. The exhibits will be limited to Clermont County organizations. Entries close at 5 p.m. Saturday before the fair and must be in place by that time. The Pomona Mater and Masters of Subordinate Granges of Clermont County will be recognized as the Fair Committee for allotting space for all exhibits, the County Deputy acting as chairman of the committee.

It is the desire of the fair management that the Granges of Clermont County enter and help make this the biggest fair in the history of the county. We can conceive of no better step in building better agriculture in Clermont County than to up-building the Granges and activities and we pledge our hearty cooperation and ask your support.

Grange exhibits must consist of a complete and attractively arranged display of all the products’ names and must be left until 9 p.m. Saturday of fair week. Exhibits must be correctly named and labeled. Granges intending to exhibit must notify the Secretary at least thirty days before the fair so that space can be reserved.

Each Grange will be required to buy a membership or season ticket. The score card system of judging will be used and the following scale of points will be the guide for the judged:

1. Originality of Idea 20 points

2. General Appearance 20 points

3. Use of Grange Teaching or Program 15 points

4. Record of Achievements 10 points

5. Attractiveness of Name Design 10 points

6. Quality of Material 10 points

7. Orderly Display of Farm and Home Products 15 points



1. Flag must be displayed to the right of the viewer

2. Bible must be displayed (cover optional)

3. No implements permitted

4. Vegetables – 4 jars

5. Fruits – 4 jars

6. Pickles – 2 jars

7. Jelly – 3 jars

8. Farm Seed – 3 jars

9. Artificial fruits and vegetables may be used (due to the earliness of the fair)

10. Flowers (artificial may be used)

11. State sewing, state baking, and national needlework contests must be displayed.

12. Points will be taken off if more that numbers of canned goods stated are displayed.

Each exhibit must score 60 points to be entitled to premiums. Appreciating the active interest that has always been manifested, both in organization and individual displays by the county Grange members, the Board has decided to make an added incentive and reward for this interest and cooperation.

A Purse of $40 will be awarded the Clermont County Granges whose members make the largest number of individual exhibits in open classes. Displayers will be required to state on Entry List the name of the Grange in which they hold membership.

Purse to be divided as follows: First, $20, Second, $15, Third, $8 - $40 if only one entry. All articles displayed must be made or grown by members of the Grange making the display. Grange displays to be judges at 4 p.m. on Sunday of fair week. Subordinate Grange (Monroe) to be awarded premium of $300 for booth plus Rosette Pomona Grange will be awarded premium of $125 for booth plus Rosette Junior Grange to be awarded $100 for exhibits at fair plus Rosette.