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U.S. Grant District         Dan Beard Council

MEMBER IN CHARGE – SALLY MEYER 513-724-3106 email: [email protected]

The fair is an extension of unit projects. All entries must have been made during the past year. All projects must be in the scout Building no later than 5 p.m. on Sunday, the start of the fair and will be judged on Wednesday night of the fair. Only scouts who participate in the fair by exhibiting projects or help with the litter patrol will receive fair passes.


1. All pack/Troop exhibits must be clearly identified with a sign not to exceed 3’X3’ and must include the following:

  • Pack or Troop number
  • Charter Organization name and town
  • Name of Cub Master or Scout Master

2. All individual displays must be placed with their Pack/Troop exhibit.

3. Displays are limited to the U.S. Grant District of the Boys Scouts of America.

4. Scouts must include a 3X5” card with their project(s) showing their name, Pack/Troop number, and scouts rank when project completed.

5. Each project should have scouts name on it somewhere.

6. Exhibits must be made by the boys themselves, with minimal adult assistance unless otherwise identified.

7. You may exhibit more than one project as long as they are different (is, one in woodworking, one in art).

8. Kits may be used but must be identified as such.

9. All projects must remain on display for the duration of the fair.

10. All projects must be picked up after 6 p.m. on Saturday of fair and before 2 p.m. on Sunday after fair.

11. Adults may not enter projects.



Judging will be leaders of someone with experience with youth groups.

CUB SCOUT PACKS/Tiger Cubs thru 2nd year Webelos

1. Pack Unites will be judged by their:

  • Parade participation
  • Project display participation
  • Display variety and size

2. Individual Projects within each unit:

  • Craftsmanship for age
  • Neatness
  • Effort

BOY SCOUT TROOPS/Boy Scout thru Eagle Scout ranks

1. Troops will be judges by their:

  • Parade participation
  • Project display participation
  • Camping Participation*

*Registration for Boy Scout Units to camp should be no later than July 15

2. Pioneering projects will be judged within each unit**

  • Function design
  • Knots and lashing
  • Effort

**Pioneering projects must be erected in the designated areas and must be safe for interaction unless roped off and labeled as unsafe.

3. Patrol Flag Competition/Cub Scouts and Boy Scout Units

  • Originality
  • Organic materials encouraged in construction
  • Show Scout “Spirit”
  • Must include Patrol Name, Pack/Troop #, Patrol members names